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May 22, 2015
08:59 AM

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Minutes August 23, 2014


The meeting was called to order by President Tom Dente at 10:05 a.m. He made a few announcements, the first was that because there was a wedding reception scheduled at the pavilion the meeting needed to be kept as brief as possible. He went on to say that Gina Kurrle and Marti Talbot will no longer be doing the testing for water clarity and asked that anyone interested in replacing them contact them. In the absence of Pam Hebert and Don Sherwood, he made brief remarks regarding milfoil inspections and fireworks.

The secretary's and treasurer's reports were read and accepted without change. Treasurer George Anderson thanked Jaff Baxter for his support of fireworks this year.

Jamie Dimick gave a short report on marker buoys saying his recommendation is for fewer buoys placed in the water and a detailed map showing precise depths and marking low water spots posted at the boating access and made available to camp owners in print, on the web site, etc. Jack LaGue suggested JPA set a policy of marking traditional shallows. Tom agreed saying Sunken Island, Smith's Point and marking shallows should be enough if boaters respect the 200' from shore law. Jamie suggested discouraging boaters from tying up to markers and pulling them off the mark would make his job easier. Members agreed he should pursue finding and issuing a new map showing depths and shallows.

Tom briefly gave the Schedule of Events proposed for 2015.

In the absence of Don Sherwood, Tom mentioned Don has met with the road commissioner Kevin Gadapee in Danville and grading and brush cutting, attention to aprons, etc., has been accomplished and needs to be done spring and fall. If there are spots that need brush cut or roads need attention, let Don or Ted Chase know.

Ted's rail-trail report consisted of, "Any questions?" and with no response, Tom thanked him and moved on to Jack LaGue's report on the progress in Cabot on updating zoning regulations with the new Shore Land Protection laws in mind. Jack said all of West Shore from Barre Avenue to Richer's on Sandy Beach Road is termed as "Developed Shore Land." Beyond that is "Shore Land" which will have more restrictions than before; the Developed Shore Land seems to have fewer restrictions. He said detailed information will be posted on the Joe's Pond website and is available on the Cabot website or by contacting the Cabot town offices.

Kate Chatot urged people to attend meetings of the Zoning Committee so their input can be heard and so they will have a better knowledge of what is being proposed. Even though many property owners are not eligible to vote, their input is important and will be considered.

Larry Rossi reported he may be spending less money than he thought for a 10x16 canopy. He said the curtains to replace the old ones at the pavilion are here and will be used next year.

There was a motion by Gina Kurrle to update or somehow improve the speaker system. Larry said he could get a company to do a layout and proposal for an updated system and he'll decide whether to proceed. A vote was called and the motion passed.

Karen Keene gave a check for $165.00 to the Association - half of the proceeds from Zumba classes.

Homer Fitts thanked everyone for their cards and messages after the death of his daughter, Sue. Tom reminded people there will be a memorial for Sue at the pavilion on September 14th from 2-4 p.m.

Ray Rouleau reported all road sign posts that needed it have been painted and that he spent about $100 for labor and $30 for paint. He said some of the art work on the signs will need to be dealt with and he will find out from the Richer's how this may be handled.

There was a short discussion about Dan and Karen Keene's signs to slow traffic on West Shore Road; Dan said they seemed to have some effect. Someone mentioned that the Crime Watch signs were stolen this spring.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30. [Which may be a record, and it wasn't even snowing!]

Jane Brown, Secretary