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July 01, 2015
04:07 PM

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Minutes May 23, 2015

Joe's Pond Association Spring Meeting

The meeting convened at 10:10 a.m. The sun was shining brightly, but still the temperature was about 40 degrees with a wind straight out of the northwest, bitterly cold. In spite of the cold, we had a good attendance.

Tom opened the meeting by introducing Mike Bertolini who spoke briefly about the Spirits of Vermont event that is scheduled for July 5th. Tom also announced the yard sale scheduled for July 19th and told members table rental sign-up sheets were available at this meeting.

The secretary and treasurer's reports were read and accepted with no changes.

Tom announced the "rib dinner" would be a "steak dinner" this year as ribs are an all-day cooking event and it was decided to make it less labor intensive. The steak dinner will be on July 11th and tickets are available from Camilla as well as Wendi.

Tom then discussed the new janitorial service we have this year for the pavilion. The new people will do not only the kitchen and bathrooms, but will also make sure chairs; tables, curtains, back room, grills and paved area are all clean. Larry jokingly commented he wasn't sure about this new person - he said he'd wasn't sure about hiring someone named "Turtle." Tom said "Turtle" does an excellent job, for the same money we've paid in the past and that he has an "old time work ethic," and comes highly recommended. His name is Owen "Turtle" Mercon. Camilla announced that he cleans camps if anyone is interested. His phone number is 802-535-8751.

Jane Brown reported the Ice Out Contest went well this year and the winner, a woman from Connecticut, will receive $6,654.50, as will JPA. Someone commented the winner had not been to Vermont before her daughter went to UVM two years ago, and has still not been to Joe's Pond. However, perhaps a few tickets will be sold at UVM next year. Tom stated that the area in front of Diane Rossi's house seems to be a good location for the Ice Out.

Fella Buttura will be taking over Nominating Committee duties this year.

Ray Rouleau reported this has been an active year with seven new slats for new owners of property on the pond. He said most of the changes have been made, all signs painted last year and touch-ups on the sign designs will continue to be done as needed. He praised Evelyn Richer for doing all of our signs.

There was brief discussion about access to the LaRose camp and whether they should be on the Route 2 or the Barre Avenue sign. Since they have access from the boat launch area on the Route 2, their name should be on the Route 2 sign or perhaps a separate sign for Fitts and LaRosa. Ray will sort it out.

Pam Hebert said her boat inspection workers would split their hours this year in a different way to see if that works better for them to intercept more boaters. There will be a pond inspection this year to determine if any invasive species are present. She also thanked Margaret and Homer Fitts for letting us store the shelter on their property each winter. The state insists it cannot be left at the fishing access over the winter.

Larry Rossi reported he has found a speaker system with eight speakers that will be located around the perimeter and center of the pavilion; there are two microphones with this system which make it "perfect for Karaoke." The cost will be $2,255. Motion was made and carried to buy the unit. It will be installed as soon as possible. He said he saved money on the shelter near the kitchen area by selecting a "pop-up" canopy for $400 rather than building a permanent structure. The cooking barrels will be ok for another year at least, with only one really needing to be repaired and he will see to getting that welded. Tom said we would continue replacing curtains.

The meeting was opened to members' questions.

Andy Rudin commented on how great the rail/trail is to walk on or ride a bike due to it being a smooth surface.

Homer thanked people for their caring messages and support at the time of Sue's death. He expressed profound gratitude for Sue's memorial provided at the Pavilion last September and attended by many friends and members.

Tom announced we had just learned today that Margaret Lucenti had passed away.

Someone asked if we might install some heating - Tom said that would mean in July we'd be expecting A/C, so it probably won't happen. We will take the air conditioning during the Spring meeting in May and the heat during the Annual Meeting in July.

The meeting adjourned at 10:40 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Brown, Secretary