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August 02, 2015
10:34 PM

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Minutes July 4, 2015

Joe's Pond Association Annual Meeting

Our meeting opened at 10:05 with a good attendance.

Tom announced that two kayaks have been stolen from the Chesleys on Route 2, and reminded everyone that some areas are more vulnerable to theft than others, but it can happen anywhere.

Tom thanked Kim Kidney for her work weeding and mulching the flowers near the tennis courts.

Don Sherwood memorialized with a short poem members who have passed, and read their names.

Secretary's and Treasurer's reports were read and accepted without change.

Tom thanked Diane Rossi and her team for their fine effort in selling luminaries.

Fella Buttura reported many hours spent as nominating committee chair and asked that one ballot be cast for the present slate of officers. The vote was carried and one vote cast for the following officers: President - Tom Dente; Vice President - Don Sherwood; Treasurer - George Anderson; Secretary - Jane Brown.

Tom reminded members of events for the summer: Henretta Splain described the "Spirits of Vermont" event on July 5th; Larry Rossi spoke about the steak dinner on July 11th; Dee McKown urged people to sign up for a table at the tag sale on July 19th; Pam Hebert has tickets for the Italian Dinner on July 25th; and the cocktail party will be on Sunday, Aug. 9th at 4:30, tickets are $5. Tom reminded members the last meeting will be on August 22.

Larry Rossi reported he has had only minor maintenance issues; the new sound system is installed and working well; the tennis court repairs will be done as soon as weather permits.

The meeting was opened for members' questions: Don Sherwood commented that he hoped everyone enjoyed the fireworks, and all agreed they were excellent; he then told the group that JPA member Dwight Coffrin, who did fireworks for us for several years on his own and now works for Northstar Fireworks, broke either a finger or a bone in his hand while working on the display Friday evening. Members wished Dwight a speedy recovery.

Andy Rudin said he videotaped the fireworks and that would be ready for viewing on the web site later on Saturday.

At Homer's request, bumper stickers were available at this meeting, 50 cents each.

Gina Kurrle mentioned the tennis courts need work and Larry confirmed that is scheduled.

Jane Brown mentioned Ice Out tickets being available at the back of the room.

The Danville Road crew at the request of Ted Chase did a good job on camp roads, and Ted is thanked for his efforts. Homer mentioned that part of Edgewood Avenue between Richard Dente's and Doug Hamilton's has been paved and is very nice - this came about because of a water drainage problem.

The problems with traffic expected due to the Walden bridge being closed were discussed. Someone stated the sigh, "Summer Camp Area - Slow" sign that used to be located on the hill between Sandy Beach road and Meadow Lane is no longer there and wondered if it could be put back. Homer Fitts said he thought we need more signs, possibly more like Dan Keene has at his cottage. Jane Brown said JPA has asked for Cabot's speed cart to be placed on W. Shore Road at some point during the closure, but as yet there has been no confirmation from the Cabot Select Board.

The rail-trail was discussed as being "open" to St. Johnsbury, however, it is still officially closed and people who use it do so "at their own risk".

Bill Keach asked if members are interested in reinstating the pig roast next year. He said he and Michelle Parker would be willing to chair that event. Members were enthusiastic and it will be scheduled in 2016.

Ray Rouleau asked how we might spend the "extra money" shown in the treasurer's report. Tom responded that we are open to suggestions, and said there are some new chairs for the pavilion, which members should try out and if they like them, they will be something we could upgrade to. Homer suggested signs, "Welcome to Joe's Pond", perhaps on highways approaching the pond area. Tom asked that members submit other suggestions for ways the pavilion area can be improved.

The meeting adjourned at 10:35 a.m.