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Minutes August 22, 2015

Joe's Pond Association Fall Meeting

The meeting was called to order by President Tom Dente at 10:05 a.m. He announced there have been two vacancies on the Board of Directors for some time and one of those vacancies has now been filled by Sue Bouchard.

Tom went on to say 240 chairs have been purchased and are in use. They arrived in 60 boxes of four each, and Tom thanked a hard-working crew of Jaff Baxter, Steve Larrabee, George Anderson, Cindy and Ray Rouleau, Sue Bouchard, Fred Brown and Don Sherwood, who helped him un-box, store and clean up the cardboard and plastic shipping material which Larry Rossi removed. Tom added a special thank you to Jaff Baxter for first voicing the need for new chairs and to Steve Larrabee who took responsibility for ordering and delivering them. He said the new chairs stack differently than the previous ones and thanked Ray Rouleau and Jaff Baxter for building corals for them in the storage area.

Tom then thanked Camilla for the coffee and donuts during the year and "attending to all the things important to the success of the association functions and rentals such as helping with ideas for set ups and suggestions for renters with their event." Tom went on to say, "The male of the species is not always aware of some of the things that are important to all people, and Camilla has been invaluable in providing that perspective. Camilla, thank you." (There was a hearty round of applause at this point.)

Tom announced there will be a dedication of the new LVRT trail head on Thursday, August 27, at the public beach in West Danville at 5 p.m. The Trail Head Park and Ride is official open at the beach; however, the trail to St. Johnsbury is still officially closed, and the public is cautioned to use at your own risk.

The events that will be scheduled for next season were listed by Tom. Most will be on corresponding weekends to this year's schedule with a Pig Roast added on August 13th and the Summer Cocktail Party scheduled for Saturday instead of Sunday next year.

Larry Rossi reported the tennis courts have not yet been repaired. There have been two estimates, one for $6,100 to do minimal repairs and upgrading; the second for repairing and resurfacing was for $12,500. Larry said the old repairs have held so the Board has decided to go with the $6,100 bid for work to be done as soon as weather permits in the spring of 2016. Vermont Tennis Courts has agreed to do the work for the same price, and there is a two-year warranty on the job.

Pam Hebert reported the boat inspectors found some plant material but no milfoil on boats during their inspections this summer. She said it has been a good season, and the bi-annual underwater survey will be done later this summer. Tom mentioned there is a nice sign, "Greeter on Duty," near the inspection station and Pam said it was put there by the state. She has asked Rep. Kitty Toll to try to find a way the JPA inspection shelter can be kept on the boating access property. Jack LaGue asked if there had been any new outbreaks of milfoil in the state and Pam answered, "No." She went on to say that state water resources people are surprised Joe's Pond hasn't got milfoil because we are considered a "high traffic" boating/fishing site. Tom thanked Pam and her inspection team for a good job keeping the milfoil out.

Ray Rouleau reported road signs would be put away on or about the second week of October. He said a new sign for the cottages near the fishing access is being made by the Richers.

The meeting was opened for members' comments and questions.

There was some discussion of signs to prevent people from parking in the way of the boat launch area, and Larry suggested using cones to keep the area clear. JPA will see to securing those.

Jim Bernotas addressed the members to let them know he has been diving at the narrows between the middle and large pond, to remove dangerous debris such as broken glass and other sharp objects to make it safer for when it is necessary to walk one's sailboat through that shallow area. Members gave him a vote of thanks.

Sue Bouchard asked people who might be interested in sailing or who might have an unused Sunfish sailboat to contact her. She said if there is enough interest, perhaps sailors and boats could be paired up for sailboat racing again. People should let her know by spring. Tom said it would be announced on the blog.

Jack LaGue mentioned this was our first meeting without Homer Fitts, Homer having sold his camp this summer.

Ron Gauthier asked if people wanted cones up next spring to prevent vehicles from using the rail trail, and members agreed that was an excellent idea.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:23 a.m.

Jane Brown, Secretary