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April 26, 2015
01:06 PM

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This Local Services page is for the convenience of area residents and visitors. Business people may have their business cards displayed here free of charge. Contact: jpwebmaster@fairpoint.net for instructions. If you provide a service locally but do not have a business card, we will design an ad for you.

The fact that a business card appears on these pages does not mean we have endorsed the business. Our purpose in having a local services business card section is to show who is available and what services they provide. There are many fine service providers in our area. You can learn a lot by checking with your local friends and neighbors. You can also check with the State of Vermont Consumer Assistance Program and with the Better Business Bureau for the New England region. Here is a sample of the information you will find at the State of Vermont Consumer Assistance Program website:

"If you are thinking about doing business with a specific company, or want to choose between different companies, we can provide you with the complaint histories of thousands of companies. If we have received one or more complaints against a particular business in the last five years, we can tell you:

* the number of complaints we've received against the company
* the nature of the complaints (e.g. false advertising, failure to honor a warranty)
* the status of the complaints (e.g. resolved, unresolved, open)

This information alone will not answer the question of whether you should do business with the company or not. It is not uncommon for large businesses, even legitimate ones, to have lots of complaints on file. The key is whether they respond to and resolve the complaints against them. It is also not uncommon for out-and-out scams to have no complaints on file, particularly if the business is new in the area. But the company's complaint history is still useful information that should be weighed with other information you have to make an educated decision as to whether to do business with the company. If the company is located outside Vermont, we can also provide you with the address and phone number of the state Attorney General's Office and Better Business Bureau in the state where the company is located for additional information."

We encourage you to use local services whenever possible; however, we do not assume responsibility for the work done by the service providers who advertise on these pages.

April 26, 2015
01:06 PM