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January 17, 2021
11:41 PM

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These books are not sold by the Joe's Pond Association. They are sold by E Jane and Frederick Brown.

Do You Suppose?

"DO YOU SUPPOSE" has ten colorful pictures and a verse with each that will charm your toddler. It is a perfect read-to book, imaginative and sure to get lots of giggles every time you read it to your child. Insert a picture of your child on the last page to create a surprise ending that will delight small "readers" and make them part of the fun. Written and illustrated by local author E. Jane Brown.

Do You Suppose?

"PINKIE": Eight year old Susan lives on a farm in Vermont with her mom and dad and brother, Eddie. A litter of pigs is born on a blustery March morning and one of them is weak and small and probably won't survive in the barn with the others. Susan pleads with her parents to let her take the baby pig into the house to try to save him. In Susan's care, the little piglet survives, and a strong bond develops between him and Susan. Pinkie captures the hearts of everyone in the family, but not without getting himself and Susan into lots of trouble. Their story is about making mistakes, facing danger, learning to trust, and growing up. For middle-grade readers, or a read-aloud story for younger children. Age 3-12. 76 pages. Written and illustrated by local author E. Jane Brown.

Cabot, Vermont: A Collection of Memories From the Century Past

"CABOT, VERMONT: A COLLECTION OF MEMORIES FROM THE CENTURY PAST": Researched and written by J. Brown, B. Carpenter, and A. Legare. Published by the Cabot Oral History Committee. (Barre, Vt.: L. Brown & Sons Printing, Inc., 1999, 2004.) Includes historical data, memories, maps and pictures compiled from interviews, diaries, journals, and personal collections of townspeople. This book is not intended as a history of the town, but has been written to preserve memories and give a glimpse into the daily lives of these hardy Vermont citizens. Liberally illustrated with photographs and other ephemera. 208 pages. Also available at Cabot Historical Society, or by emailing JPWebmaster. Edited by Caleb Pitkin.

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