February 19, 2018
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SubjectDateAuthorLast Update
ice formed yet?2018-01-122018-01-28

Comment: Has the pond frozen over yet? 1/12/2018

ice formed yet? REPLY
Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2018-01-28
Reply: The ice is thoroughly formed on the pond and has been for several weeks. We have not yet had a report on how deep the ice is.
Fall Foliage2017-10-09Joe Webster2017-10-09

Comment: Keep those fall foliage pictures coming, us Marylander's are jealous we can't be there.lol

LED deck lights off North Shore Road2017-10-062017-10-06

Comment: To whoever has the really bright LED deck lights that face north somewhere off North Shore Road. They are realllllllly distracting. Do you need to leave them on so long???

Insulation2017-09-30Scott Pelok2017-09-30

Comment: I am so pleased with the recent service I got spray foam insulating my garage, I had to share with everyone. If you need spray foam insulation, call NEK Spray Foam ask for Ed. He is the owner operator and local to St Johnsbury. Great job, great clean up. Very competitive pricing. 802-535-2712.

Gunshots @ 6:30am2017-09-23Scott Pelok2017-09-23

Comment: Hearing shots at north end of pond @ 6:30 this morning. Sun not up. I saw three people in camo gear in boat not 50 yards off north shore drive homes. Did not see guns, but worry about hunters this close to our homes. Is hunting allowed right off shore? Any idea who or what that was?

iPhone Found2017-09-10Charlie Aimi2017-09-10

Comment: I found an iPhone this afternoon at around 2:30, at the intersection of Barre Avenue and West Shore Road. If you have lost your phone - call your phone's number - I will answer and you can make arrangements to pick it up.

For Sale2017-09-042017-09-04

Comment: Yamaha Spinet Piano, fruit wood finish, in perfect condition. Contact Pat Gardner, 802-563-9994.

Do not View the Fireworks from W Danville2014-07-05Brian Sullivan2017-06-26

Comment: Good evening. I am writing to ask when and where you had your fireworks display on 7/5/14? I read on your website that there would fireworks at dusk. I sat in the parking lot by the beach from 8:15 pm to 10:00pm and saw a few pathetic shots go off. I did hear other displays, but saw nothing from where I was. If you fired off your display, what time did it happen and from where? If you do not launch them from a location that could be viewed from the beach, you should identify where this event will take place so we do not waste our time waiting for something that won't take place. I hope you take this as a learning lesson and think about what information you post on your web-page.

Do not View the Fireworks from W Danville REPLY
Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2014-07-06
Reply: Hi Brian, Thank you for this comment. We will address this on the website. I'm hoping that several people will reply to your comment so that we can get good information about where best to view the fireworks. The fireworks were set off on July 5 at dusk. The fireworks are set off further up Route 15 at the north end of the pond. I'm not surprised that you didn't see much from the beach. I know that some people drive up Route 15 for two or three miles from the beach and take a right on Davidson Drive or some other side road that will get them up on the hillside. Another good place to see the fireworks is right on the big pond, but, if you don't have a boat, this is no good. I'm sure there are many people who know better where the best spots are. We'll hope to hear from them. If you know someone, and you get a good answer from them, please post it here.
Do not View the Fireworks from W Danville REPLY
Reply By: Brian Sullivan
Last Update: 2014-07-06
Reply: Sir, Thank you for your prompt response. I know from the size of the crowd at the beach, a lot of people did not know that the fireworks were being set off from the northern end of the pond. Maybe in the future, this detail could be mentioned on the website or other advertisements. Thank you.
Do not View the Fireworks from W Danville REPLY
Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2014-07-06
Reply: Brian, It will be prominently featured on the site next year. Thank you. We're sorry this happened. Fred
Do not View the Fireworks from W Danville REPLY
Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2017-06-26
Reply: This comment is being brought to the top as a reminder that you can't see the fireworks from the beach/West Danville area.
Web Cam2017-03-22Terry Einhaus2017-03-22

Comment: Missing the webcam this year. Any word on it up and working soon?

Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2017-03-22
Reply: Hi Terry, The webcam won't be available this year due to some personal issues of some committee members. We posted this on the ice out page, but we appreciate your comment as it helps to spread the word. Thank you.
Early Ice Out2016-02-27Louise Lufkin2016-02-28

Comment: What happens if the ice goes out prior to April 1st this year?

Early Ice Out REPLY
Reply By: Diane and Jane, Ice Out Co-Chairs
Last Update: 2016-02-28
Reply: If the clock stops before the official April 1st deadline, all ticket sales (including online) will halt immediately. Only tickets received before the date/time the clock stops will be considered. Any tickets in the mail will only be considered if the postmark shows they were mailed before the clock stopped. Thank you for the question.
February 19, 2018
09:05 AM