June 26, 2019
10:18 PM

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New Joe's Pond Cookbook

Recipe Submissions & Sponsorship Forms

The 2019 Joe’s Pond Cookbook Committee has begun work on creating the 4th edition of the Joe’s Pond Cookbook. At this time, the committee is collecting sponsorships and recipes. Sponsorship forms are available for business owners and individual patrons. If you are interested in putting an ad in the cookbook, please obtain a sponsorship form from a committee member.

Recipe forms are available at Hastings or from any committee member. If you would like to submit a recipe electronically please follow the steps below: Go to Morris Books

1. In the upper right hand corner ‘click’ on ‘typensave’ icon
2. Login name: Joespond
3. Password: celery088
4. Please read recipe writing tips
5. Add your recipe

A drop box for hard copies of recipes is located at Hastings Store or you can mail them to Nancy Buttura, PO Box 43, W. Danville, VT 05873. Please submit recipes by October 1, 2018.

2019 Joe’s Pond Cookbook Committee: Nancy Buttura, Patty Coffrin, Bo Keach, Linda Livendale, Jan Towne, Michelle Walker, and Sue Yesalonia. Questions: Contact Nancy Buttura (802-279-4146) or Linda Livendale (802-272-6564).

June 26, 2019
10:18 PM