August 20, 2018
07:01 AM

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Minutes Annual Meeting

Joe's Pond Association - July 7, 2018

President Dente called the meeting to order at 10:08 a.m. He acknowledged that the fireworks on July 3 were not as good as other years. He said Don Sherwood was away and as soon as Don returns he will ask him to investigate and report at the Fall Meeting.

Joe Hebert said in two weeks there is to be a "round robin pickle ball tournament" to help raise funds for the tennis courts. He suggested a $50 donation per person to enter the contest.

Nancy Buttura said there are forms at Hastings for entering recipes in the new Joe's Pond cookbook being put together. There will also be on-line forms available and instructions for that will be on the website.

Ted Decker memorialized friends and members of JPA who have passed away in the past year.

The secretary's report was read and accepted.

Jack LaGue presented the treasurer's report and explained there is an additional section to cover income from the $15 additional dues to be used for the recreation facilities. He explained dues are coming in slower this year and also on-line dues report for June had not come in yet. His report was accepted as read.

Tom explained that the Board has gone through the bylaws line-by-line and made minor changes to clarify them. Jack said the only substantive change is the increase in dues from $25 to $40. Tom asked if there was any discussion; there was none; the change in bylaws passed unanimously.

Pam Hebert reported there will be an underwater inspection of the pond in early August.

Tom commented that the greeter program Pam oversees and the pond bottom inspection has been effective and to date we have no problem with invasive plants.

Each committee chair mentioned the date of the event they chaired. Susan Bouchard called attention to the trophy cup on display and said the name of the Sunfish Race winner each year is engraved on the trophy. Larry Rossi stated that the steak dinner is next week; tickets are available for that and the pig roast.

There will be a tag sale on July 21st, and those interested in having a table should contact Dee McKown. Tom said rain seems to follow that event, but hopefully it will be a dry day this year.

Pam Hebert reminded people of the book sale on next Saturday, July 14th, at the library (or the beach pavilion if it rains) to raise money for the Charles E. Brainerd library.

Carmen Gagne invited everyone to come to the cocktail party which is the last event of the summer. She said there will be a DJ this year; admission is $5, BYOB and an appetizer to share.

Larry reported the new floor in the kitchen has been installed. He again thanked the Comstocks for donating paving for the basketball court and the Nicholsons for donating painting the court lines.

Tom thanked Camilla for the coffee and doughnuts - members agreed with applause.

Jaff Baxter commented that the geese were trying to "make inroads" again this year. There was some discussion and since there are only two families, it was agreed that $1500 to have them removed was an excessive cost and the best solution is to aggravate and annoy them to keep them off your lawn.

Jack LaGue asked people to please not anchor to the barrel marking Sunken Island. He said that moves the marker. Tom added that there are no-wake areas and people should be careful to stay 200 ft. from shore and observe the no-wake signs.

Someone asked if anyone had done a loon count and it was concluded there are three pairs of loons, one in the upper pond with two chicks, a second pair in the middle pond with one chick, and a third pair that seem to have no offspring.

David Kidney commented at this point that he appreciated the generous cooperation of the Joe's Pond community, citing the work done on the basketball courts and other projects. There was enthusiastic agreement from the membership.

Jack LaGue asked when pickle ball players congregate and was told usually 9 a.m. on Saturdays and 9 or 10 a.m. on Sundays. Thierry Guerlain has an e-mail notification system and people who are interested in playing should contact him to get on the list - or just show up. All are welcome and anybody can play - it's for fun, not competitive.

Tom asked new members to stand and introduce themselves. Three families were represented: the Carnes, Porters and Marshs. The meeting adjourned at 10:40 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Brown, Secretary