June 24, 2018
10:20 AM

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Minutes, Spring Meeting

JPA Association - May 26, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Tom Dente at 10:05 a.m. He made several announcements including that Ice-Out tickets will not be mailed this year so instructed members to pick up what they needed after the meeting, and also that the buoys are all out, thanks to Jamie Dimick

Joanne Stewart talked briefly about the library schedule and announced a book sale in July and said that volunteers are needed to keep the library open.

Tom thanked those who helped set up for today's meeting, Joe and Pam Hebert, initial set up of the curtains and Camilla and Tom final setup set up for the meeting. At this point the heavens opened up and the rain on the roof was thunderous.

The Secretary's report was read and accepted. Treasurer Jack Lague reported the Association is in good shape financially. His report was accepted.

Diane Rossi said thanks to Michelle Walker, Mary Anne Cassani, Henretta Splain and Jane Brown, the Ice-Out Contest had a good year.

In response to a question from Andy Rudin regarding accounting for the additional $15 in dues, Jack said that would be discussed and explained after the board meeting next month. Tom said the Board will be looking at other issues, including minor adjustments to the bylaws and will present the proposed changes to members for a vote at the Annual meeting. Jack added that the Board will propose small changes in order to clarify the language of the bylaws. Tom asked that a motion be made to that effect; the motion was made, seconded and carried.

The coming events were listed.

Susan Bouchard said there will be three sailboat races and she has entry forms for those who wish to sail. She said volunteers are needed. She has taken a poll and the majority of participants want only one race; however, if the sailing weather is good, fun races may be added but with no points awarded.

Each social event chair spoke briefly, Michele Parker for the steak dinner; Pam Hebert was absent, but she will have tickets for the Italian dinner; Bill Keach for the pig roast; and Carmen Gagne for the Cocktail Party which she described as a "farewell to summer" event.

Nick Flanders mentioned the Pope Library will be bringing back the wine tasting event and there will be more on that later. This is not a JPA event, but will be held at the pavilion on July 1, 2018.

Linda Livendale said a committee will be collecting recipes for an updated Joe's Pond Cookbook this summer. Recipes may be submitted on line.

Nancy Buttura said a committee will be updating the camp picture book done originally by Bill Rossi. Diane Rossi has given permission to use the format Bill designed, and the committee will be looking for updated photos.

Ray Rouleau said all signs are up. Two extra signs are in reserve for whenever they are needed. He said the Point Comfort sign is already crowded and if more condos are sold there, a second sign will be necessary. He said Scott and Geri Pelok are doing a great job making the signs. He mentioned that the signs Ray Richer made years ago are "super strong" and still holding up well.

In the absence of Pam Hebert, Tom reported that the lake bottom inspection will be done this summer - it is done every two years; and the regular boat inspection will begin soon under the direction of Pam.

Larry Rossi reported that the sign on the pavilion has been repainted. He said there is a new basketball court and thanked Dana and Joanne Comstock for donating the paving and Mark and Robin Nicholson for donating the striping. He said the trees may need to be trimmed near the court, but that will be taken care of. The floor in the pavilion kitchen will be replaced this year, but other than that, Larry said there will just be regular maintenance.

The meeting was opened for questions from members, and Tom asked any new members to introduce themselves. Daniel and Ann Muse stood and were recognized. Someone inquired about speed signs that used to be on West Shore Road. There are no signs there now and the request was made that Vice President Don Sherwood look into having them replaced. The meeting adjourned at 10:40 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Brown, Secretary