August 22, 2017
06:18 PM

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MINUTES, July 1, 2017

Joe's Pond Association Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting opened at 10:07 a.m. on Saturday, July 1, 2017. President Tom Dente made a few announcements including reminders of social events coming up. He reminded members that Diane Rossi has luminaries available. He also said some of the Association's round tables are being replaced. The old tables are available for $10.

Don Sherwood did a fine job memorializing friends and members who passed away this year.

The Secretary's report was read and accepted with one change: Dorothy Penar's name will be added to the tennis court committee.

Treasurer Jack LaGue's report was accepted without change.

Nominating Committee chair, Henretta Splain, reported there were no nominations to replace the existing officers. The secretary was instructed to cast one vote for the present slate of officers for a two-year term. Officers are: President, Tom Dente; Vice President, Don Sherwood; Treasurer, Jack LaGue; Secretary, Jane Brown.

Don Sherwood deferred to the secretary's report from the June Meeting regarding fireworks. President Dente remarked it was the shortest report Don had given in 10 years.

Susan Bouchard spoke of the sailboat race and told members the first race was dedicated in memory of Eileen Morrison. Eileen's daughter, Cathy, spoke briefly, inviting members to attend Eileen's memorial service at the Lighthouse Church in Montpelier on July 15, 11 o'clock. Tom gave a brief history of Eileen and Burt Morrison's involvement in the first Sunfish races in the 1970s.

Tom thanked his wife, Camilla, for always getting the coffee and doughnuts ready for the meetings.

Larry Rossi had no maintenance projects or problems to report. He said Tom Segale will organize the tennis court committee later in the summer; other than that, only replacement of the tables is on his agenda for this year.

Ray Rouleau spoke briefly about the road signs. He thanked Scott and Jerry Pelok who have volunteered to keep the signs in good repair. The Peloks bought the Richer's home on Sandy Beach Road, and like Ray and Evelyn, Scott is a carpenter and Jerry is an artist. Ray said Scott has made a sign to use at the top of the fishing access road off of Route 2 for Perkins, Larose and Martin. Signs will be replaced as needed with vinyl artwork such as was used on the West Shore Road sign.

Tom turned the meeting over to questions from members. Someone asked if the geese are a problem this year and nobody has had a problem so far.

Someone commented that the new red buoys are not very visible and said the white ones were better. Jamie Dimick responded that the red buoys were requested because they would be more visible than the white ones.

Henretta Splain said she's seeing lots of debris in the water; someone responded that is likely due to the excessive rain we've had and high water levels.

Tom reminded members to pick up Ice-Out tickets, new Directories and tickets for the steak dinner before leaving the meeting. The meeting adjourned at 10:35. The date of the fall meeting will be Saturday, August 26th.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Brown, Secretary