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January 17, 2021
10:25 PM

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Joe's Pond Association Fall Meeting August 24, 2019

The meeting was called to order by President Joe Hebert at 10:05 am.

Board Actions: The Board appropriated $7000 for 2020 Fireworks. NorthStar gives a 10% add on when paid early thus the show will give $7700 worth of fireworks. The Pickleball courts were relined with 4 separate courts and 4 new nets were bought. Total cost was $1300.

Town Dock Saga - In early May it was realized that the town dock was in need of major repairs. The Town said they would replace it. In June and July, after much to and fro, the town then backed away and said they did not know they 'had' the dock and that it was not listed in their liability insurance and they did not want to incur the liability. It was apparent that the town wanted nothing to do with the dock. Attending the Select Board meetings with the JPA was Deb Stressing of the West Danville Community Club (WDCC). They investigated picking up the liability of the dock. The Select Board also inquired about quit-claiming the small plot of land that the dock was based on to the JPA. This was possible but the Select Board was not warm to the idea of quit-claiming the land to the JPA. On August 21, 2019 the WDCC board voted to accept the liability of the dock and will inform the Select Board at their 9/5/2019 meeting. The WDCC manages the beach for the town and it seems logical for them to take this over. With respect to the maintenance of the dock itself the WDCC would take care of this. Some choices they were looking at were to build another wooden dock or purchase an aluminum dock for ease of the work party to put it in and take it out. Larrabee sells docks and has a 4' x 10' aluminum dock for sale at their cost ($700) and with the peripheral extras required, a total cost could be about $1500 to $2000. It was suggested that the JPA donate money to the WDCC to purchase a dock for the 2020 summer season. Motion: JPA authorized up to $2000 for a donation to the WDCC for a dock. Motion was seconded and passed by a voice vote.

JPA By-Law changes. The proposed by-law changes were discussed. A question was asked about the change from 'membership' to 'property' having one vote. Motion made to accept the changes as discussed; seconded and was passed by voice vote.

The Secretary and Treasurer's report were read and accepted without changes.

Water Quality: Pam Hebert gave the water quality report. Dorothea Penar discussed the one occurrence of cyanobacteria found on the 4th of July weekend. The bloom was located in the Hackett/Penar cove. She gave suggestions on how to avoid cyanobacteria: Do not fertilize lawns, plant trees/shrubs at shoreline and, no direct pipes into the lake. Caroline Milne Porter gave information about phosphorous and volunteered to help and had further information for any interested parties. Everyone recognized how bad the publicity was for Joe's Pond in the July newspaper/TV reports about cyanobacteria. Due to the very wet spring and lots of run-off there were issues all over the State. Questions were asked and answered and one was 'what were the phosphorous readings of the inlet to the pond and the outlet of the pond'. This is to be investigated by the Stewarts who are the lay monitors for the State. The State sponsored clarity and phosphorous testing ends on Labor Day.

Events: Sue Bouchard gave the update for the Events held this summer. She also said there was interest in 2020 to hold a Pitch Tournament in June. In 2020 will be the 50th anniversary of Caledonia Cup Sailboat Racing on the Pond. She announced the winners for the 2019 season: Jack LaGue for the singles and Lee Erdman, Charlie Roberts for the doubles.

Maintenance Report: Joe Hebert gave the report as Larry Rossi was away for the weekend. A price for repair of some of the pavilion side curtains and/or replacement was $4000 from Dana's . Another question came up as to closing in the pavilion completely. Motion was made and seconded and passed by voice vote for the board to spend up to $5000 to repair/replace the side curtains and to check for all options and opportunities.

Member Questions: Diane Sherwood informed the Association about the LVRT (Rail trail) need for donations to finish the sections of the Rail Trail. The LVRT needs to find 20% of the funds ($3 million) required to finish the trails. Considerable discussion ensued. Andy Rudin commented that VAST was not maintaining the trail. Kitty Toll said that VAST has no finances to maintain this trail and neither does the State of Vermont. It will take $14 million dollars to finish the trail and there are many competing priorities in the State for this money. The bonding capacity for Vermont needs to be considered also. When finished the LVRT would be the longest trail in New England and there were many economic opportunities if the State were to finish the trail. People were encouraged to write the governor asking for the money and it was requested that the JPA also send a letter to Governor Phil Scott. Joe Hebert to work with Kitty Toll on this letter.

Pam Hebert commented that the Brainerd Library has had over 100 visitors this season and will accept more book donations.

Michelle Walker said she had Ice-Out tickets for 2020.

Ray Rouleau thanked Thierry Guerlain for the new Old Homestead sign located at the Otis Drive end. Thierry built the sign at his own cost.

Linda Livendale reminded people that the Cocktail Party was tonight from 4:00 to 7:30 and that tickets are available.

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 10:56 am. The motion passed.

Respectively submitted:

Jamie Stewart

JPA Secretary