June 25, 2017
01:09 AM

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MINUTES, Spring Meeting

Joe's Pond Association - May 27, 2017

The meeting opened shortly after 10 a.m with an estimated attendance of over 90 enthusiastic members. Tom introduced Nancy Buttura who described the work being done by a committee of JPA members to restore the West Danville library, the smallest public library in the State of Vermont. She said the committee's husbands have done a lot of the work, including painting, mowing, brush cutting, etc. The books in the library have been discarded due to mildew damage, so donations of books in good condition, preferably published within the past 10-12 years will be appreciated, including paperbacks or hard cover, adult and children's books . There will be an open house in June and a raffle to help raise funds to help support the library. Raffle tickets will be available at Hastings and Marty's.

Secretary and treasurer's reports were read and accepted. Treasurer Jack LaGue said the Association is strong financially and went on to clarify some of the items in his written report that was available to those present.

President Dente then introduced Emily Wiggett, this year's winner of the Ice-Out Contest and presented to her a check and award certificate.

Don Sherwood reported fireworks would be on July 3 with a rain date of July 5. He asked that people stay off the section of the rail/trail near Channel Drive during the time when the fireworks are being set up. He further reminded people who will be in boats during the fireworks display to not go between the islands and mainland as that is where debris from the fireworks is likely to come down and it could be dangerous.

Larry Rossi reported the sign on the pavilion has not been done but will be. He then reported the tennis courts are useable but it is expected they will continue to show cracks. He said there are two options if and when repairs are necessary: Option #1 - An overlay on both courts using a membrane and then coating it, cost estimate $35,000-$45,000.

Option #2 - Complete reconstruction of two courts at an estimated cost of from $90,000 to $100,000. He concluded saying there is plenty of time to raise money for either project if that is what members decide they wish to do.

Tom told members JPA money will not be used for this project, saying, "Members don't come to play tennis, we come together to preserve the quality of the lake." He went on to say people who are interested in having the courts should form a committee.

Gina Kurrle asked Larry if other companies had given quotes on the courts. Larry replied he had only spoken with the company that has maintained the courts in the past, but said he has no objection to getting other quotes.

Jack LaGue asked the question, "Do we want to continue to have tennis courts?"

Tom asked for a show of hands from people who are interested in keeping the courts, and about 10-12 people raised their hands. Tom suggested they form a committee, and Tom Segale, Gina Kurrle, Patty Nichols, Ginger Erdmann and Ann Powers agreed to be on that committee.

Pam Hebert reported the underwater survey was completed last year and greeters are in place for this year. However, the shelter used by greeters is falling apart because the State requires it to be moved away from the public access at the end of every season. There was discussion about who at the state level might be able to negotiate to have it left in place. The consensus was we should go to the governor.

Michelle Parker mentioned there was a great deal of debris left on the ice by the ice fishermen this year. It was suggested Fish and Wildlife might be the proper ones to monitor that.

Susan Bouchard said three races will be held this year. The last race will be on Aug. 27, with a rain date if necessary because there will be an after party at the Smith's cottage. The Caledonian Record is sponsoring the races again. She thanked Tom Dente for being Commodore, Jamie Dimick for being responsible for buoys, and Mark Smith for supporting the races and hosting the after party.

President Dente stated this is an election year and Henretta Splain is chair of the nominating committee. He said the present officers have agreed to stay on for another two years, but if members are unhappy with the present board and want a change, they should get in touch with Henretta.

Ray Rouleau said the road signs are all 15 or more years old and showing signs of wear. They will be replaced as needed. He said the West Shore Road sign was replaced last year and has held up very well, so he will be using the same process to replace others as needed. He also mentioned we had several changes and some new members this year. (New members, Scott and Gerry Pelok, Lauren Van Deran, Jerome and Lauren Keating and James and Gretchen Farnsworth were introduced).

Tom asked for five or six people to help Larry move a large amount of charcoal recently purchased at an exceptionally good price.

Shelly Walker mentioned fast boats coming too close to the shore and Tom reminded members that is a violation of the law. He also reminded members there is a leash law in both Danville and Cabot. He then introduced Tracy from Bourne Energy, a fuel company based in Morrisville and Lyndonville, with offices in several other towns. She described a plan by Bourne's to offer reduced pricing program to JPA members. This program will extend to members who have homes elsewhere within Bourne's service area. Their offer is good until June 15, 2017; after that date pricing might change due to market volatility. Information will be posted on www.joespondvermont.com.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:55 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Brown, Secretary