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June 26, 2019
09:54 PM

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Joe's Pond Association SPRING MEETING

Joe's Pond'Association - May 25, 2019

President Tom Dente called the Spring Meeting to order at 10:01 a.m. There was a very large crowd, over 100 present, and extra chairs were set up. Tom's first announcement was emotional; that JPA had lost a good friend, Billy Keach. He asked for a moment of silence in memory of our friend.

Jack LaGue announced that Cabot hopes to rejuvenate their Fourth of July Parade this year and said if anyone is interested in entering a float, their efforts would be welcome.

Tom then announced his retirement and the retirement of Secretary Jane Brown after twenty years as officers in the Association. Tom sited the progress the Associations had made during that period and how proud he and Jane were to have been a part of it. Both Tom and Jane wished the Association only the finest in all ventures as it continues into the future. Tom and Jane, respectively, announced Joe Hebert the next President, and Jamie Stewart the next Secretary. There were kind words for both Tom and Jane, and applause for their work over the past two decades. It was clear that Jane and Tom had great respect for each other and the "family" of Members.

Jane read the minutes of the Fall, 2018 meeting and they were accepted without change.

Jack explained his printed treasurer's report did not reflect some outstanding bills that had not arrived, principally for fireworks; also some contributions from neighboring towns for the boat inspection program have not come in, but are expected. There were no questions and his report was accepted.

The 2019 Ice-Out Contest winner, Robynn Albert of Essex Junction, received a check for $5,866.

Don Sherwood briefly recounted the agreement with Northstar Fireworks to compensate for the lackluster display last year and said the Board will decide on a recommendation regarding future JPA fireworks.

Larry Rossi prefaced his maintenance report by thanking Tom for asking him to take on the job of maintenance all those years ago. He thanked both Tom and Camilla for all they have done for the Association over the years. He went on to say new chips will be installed in the playground area, there will be new tables and the old ones they are replacing will be sold at a fair price; the curtains around the pavilion hall are "showing their age," he said, and will gradually be replaced.

Pam Hebert reported a portable shelter needs to be provided for the people working at the boat inspection station. Greeters at the boat inspection site will be on duty on Fathers' Day. She said although there has been no water milfoil in our pond, we do have a blue-green algae that is not the toxic variety. More concerning is an invasive plant in certain areas, purple loosestrife. She asked that information be posted on the website regarding these two pests.

Susan Bouchard reported there are three races scheduled for this summer, June, 23, July 23, and August 18, with the awards ceremony after the final race, weather permitting. The Caledonian Record is sponsoring the races again this year. She thanked Jamie Dimick for always getting the buoys out for the races, Joe Hebert for being commodore and Tom Dente for his strong support over the years.

Ray Rouleau reported all the signs wintered well, are now all are in place. If there are changes, please let him know.

Jamie Stewart said there may be portable nets that can divide the tennis courts to make four pickleball courts instead of just two without impacting the tennis courts. Someone will look into that and report at a later date.

New members David and Caroline Begin were introduced and the meeting opened for questions and comments.

Fencing has been put up by the power company at the dangerous site near the dam to protect adults and children from venturing to close to the moving water.

A little free-standing library has been set up behind the library building by the rail-trail. Pam said people are invited to select and exchange books there; they need volunteers for the regular library, and welcome donations of books. She thanked Geri Pelok for making the sign for the library.

Nancy Buttura said the cookbook project was shelved during the winter when people were away, but they are now looking for recipes and will continue working on the book.

Jane Brown reported the town officials in Danville are considering taking out the docks that have served as a town landing for many years. The West Danville Community Club is asking for input regarding how people feel about that - whether it is used enough to warrant the town keeping and repairing. She also told the group the loons that normally nest on the platform near the channel have built their nest on the small island, Pearl Island, this year. She asked that people avoid that area if possible until the chicks are hatched and especially try not to make large wakes that could destroy the nest. Geri Pelok is seeking permission to put up signs warning that there is a nest there.

The meeting adjourned at 10:49 a.m. New JPA directories and 2020 Ice-Out tickets were distributed.

Respectfully submitted, Jane Brown, Secretary.