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August 20, 2019
11:50 AM

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Joe's Pond Association Annual Meeting

Joe's Pond Association - July 6, 2019

President Joe Hebert called the Meeting to order at 10:02 am. The meeting was well attended. Joe presented to Jane Brown a gift certificate in appreciation of her 20 years as Secretary of the Association. A loud round of applause was given.

BOARD ACTIONS: Joe mentioned since the Pig Roast was revived several years ago by Bill Keach, the JPA Board decided that the Aug"st 10th event this year will be called "Billy's Barbeque". The members agreed with a round of applause. The damaged town dock was then discussed. Initially the town said they were responsible for the repair/replacement of the dock. Then the town started asking questions as to whether they even owned it, and it should be a Joe's Pond Association responsibility. Joe told the town that the Association would be glad to supply manpower and material to replace the dock but it is the town's responsibility and not the Association's. Frustration was expressed that the Town was looking for reasons to not replace it. Input by members was given via the Blog/Website as to who uses the dock. It was suggested by members that some of the Board members should go to the Selectboard meetings. Discussion then occurred about a replacement shelter for the boat inspection crew. The State of Vermont requires this shelter be moved during the winter. Grant money allowed a replacement shelter to be built on a 5 x 8 trailer to allow easy transport.

Joe discussed various member's comments about the May meeting where Board officers were appointed rather than voted on by the members. Past history had board members appointed and the by-laws state that board members are to be voted on. Joe assured the Association that any future board member/officer changes will be by vote of the full members.

REMEMBRANCES: Don Sherwood memorialized friends and members of the JPA who passed away last year.

The reports of the Secretary and Treasurer were read and accepted without changes

Pam Hebert reported on water quality and the new shelter. She introduced Dorothea Penar who gave an informative talk about cyanobacteria (blue/green algae). Dorothea agreed to be the point contact person for the Association. She attended a training workshop in the spring and will be monitoring the Pond during the summer. Dorothea found blooms in the monitored location on July 4. She asked JPA members to contact her (802-343-2132) if they notice blue/green algea blooms. Further information can be seen on the JPA website. There were many questions by the members for this issue and Dorothea gave an informative presentation. It was also reported that Joanne and Jamie Stewart are doing the water monitoring (phospherous & choliform).

Sue Bouchard listed the JPA events for the remainder of the season: Spirit of Vermont (7/7), Steak Dinner (7/13) - contact Larry Rossi/Michelle (802-684-3923), Italian Dinner (7/27) contact Joe/Pam Hebert (802-684-3655), Yard Sale (8/4) contact Dee McKown (802-684-3900), Pig Roast (8/10) contact Bo Keach (802-684-3672)/Mary Anne Cassani (802-684-2195), Cocktail Party (8/24) contact Linda Livendale (802-272-6564)/Sue Yesalonia (802-563-2977). The remaining sailboat races are 7/21 and 8/18. There is a pickleball tournament on 7/20 from 1-4.

Larry Rossi reported that new tables have been ordered and side curtains are being priced.

MEMBER QUESTIONS: Ray Rouleau asked if the water level is too low and who is watching. Joe Hebert will contact GMP. There was discussion about two pins on the big granite rock in the water by Mason's and that GMP is required to keep the water level between those two pins. Kim Kidney asked about the beaver dams in the channel. Discussion occurred that it was OK to destroy them. Beavers are not protected, and anyone can open the flow downstream of the dam. Trees that fell into the channel need to be removed. Discussion then occurred about new pickleball nets by Thierry Guerlain. The members approved an expenditure up to $2000 for new portable nets and new striping. This will allow 4 pickleball courts to be played on. Concern for the tennis markings was raised and there would be no change to them. Court rules posted said that after one hour of play of either sport the courts would be turned over to the other sport. Thierry invited anyone interested in learning to play pickleball to join. Play usually is from 9 to 11, all are welcome and all abilities will be accommodated. Marti Talbot expressed concern about wake boats. Much discussion occurred about their impact on shorelines. The JPA has no policing powers and if an offending boat (of any type) is not obeying the rules their boat number needs to be reported to the State Police. Association members were encouraged to speak to the owners of any boats not obeying the shore rules. It is against the law to be within 200 feet of the shore. Geri Pelok stated that camps are allowed one "No Wake" buoys in front of their camp. If a camp wants more, then a permit is required by the State of Vermont. Comment was requested about the quality of the Firework show. There was a big "Yeah" for their good show. Future funding for the fireworks to be discussed by the Board and reported back to the members. The question of the Ice Out tickets being the sole funding source for the fireworks is inaccurate. Funding comes from the general account and not limited to the receipts of the tickets.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:04 am.

Respectively submitted:

Jamie Stewart, Secretary