May 22, 2017
01:20 PM

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MINUTES, Annual Meeting

Joe's Pond Association - August 20, 2016

President Tom Dente opened the Joe's Pond Association's final meeting of the season at 10:07 a.m. There was a good crowd, but fewer in attendance than previous meetings this year, possibly because of the exceptionally nice weather.

President Dente told the group our Vice President, Don Sherwood, deserved a special vote of thanks for intercepting the operator of the very loud air boat at the boating access and letting him know he was breaking the law and would be reported. The owner stated he would not come to Joe's Pond with the air boat again. Members applauded Don's action.

Secretary Jane Brown read the minutes of the Annual meeting and they were accepted.

New Treasurer Jack LaGue admitted he would not be quite as brief as his predecessor, George Anderson, but he promised to keep his reports short. He went on to say JPA had a good year and while there are some fairly large outstanding bills to be paid, including property taxes, insurance and the recent water survey, we will end the year with only slightly less money than when the year began and JPA is in a solid financial position. His report was accepted without change.

Tom explained that the Board had met on the question of donating $4,000 for mowing equipment for the rail-trail. He explained that the focus of Joe's Pond Association is on the lake and water issues. The Board took into consideration that the trail is an asset to members and might add to property values, however, JPA's primary obligation is the lake. He said as a good-neighbor gesture the Board recommended JPA donate $600 to LVRT. In arriving at that figure, the Board took into consideration the percentage of trail that borders the pond and the cost of the new equipment ($3,200). They calculated a reasonable share would be approximately $200 per year. In order to help with the initial expense of purchasing the new equipment, the Board recommended paying forward three years for a total of $600. Motion was made and seconded to donate $600 to LVRT. There was some discussion. Joe Hebert stated that when people donate money to the Association, it is for the water and well-being of the pond and JPA should not re-donate that money. Tom responded that the Board was fully cognizant of the obligation of the organization and took due diligence in making the recommendation as a one-time thing meant as a gesture of support and a payment for services to be rendered to help keep the trail looking good. He said that in the past we have steered away from monetary donations, instead allowing use of JPA pavilion and facilities free for fund raising events. Several agreed we should not set a precedent for charitable donations. Board member Larry Rossi told members the Board was unanimous in its decision to bring this recommendation to the membership. Tom asked for a vote: It was unanimous in favor of giving $600 to LVRT. Tom thanked Joe Hebert for leading the discussion, saying it is important to discuss these decisions thoroughly and thanked members for a good discussion.

Susan Bouchard listed dates for the 2017 events. She said there were 17 boats in the Sunfish sailing event revival and there will be three races next season on June 26, July 23, and August 20.

Pam Hebert reported the survey of the lake has been done and no milfoil or other invasive species were found. The company that did the survey in the past has been sold, so there were new biologists doing the survey and they reported Joe's Pond is a beautiful lake. Pam said two campers brought plants to her for identification this summer, and while none were milfoil she appreciated that people are on the lookout and thanked them for their effort.

Ray Rouleau said all signs are good, minor repairs were done on the W. Shore Road sign, and signs will be removed by various captains on each road by mid-September - right on schedule.

Larry Rossi reported we didn't spend lots of money this year - some for new nets for the tennis courts, but not much else. He said the sign on the pavilion needs refurbishing and that will be done this winter. He said he will be tuning up the place, straightening the flagpole and purchasing six new round tables, but none of this will cost much and there is nothing big that needs to be done.

Tom asked if members had any issues or questions. There were none and the meeting adjourned at 10:30a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Brown, Secretary