December 10, 2016
05:14 PM

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Pavilion Rental Application Page

Welcome to Joe's Pond Vermont

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Pavilion Rental Application

Please fill in the following information to complete your rental application.

Do not print this application until you have completed the application and clicked "Submit." Send printed application with appropriate fee to: JPA, PO Box 111, W Danville, VT 05873. Rental fees are shown at the bottom of this page and will appear on the printed copy of the completed application.

SECTION I: All applicants must complete Section I. All answers are required (*).

*JPA Member+:

Please be aware that a member must rent the Facilities.
+ A member is defined as a camp owner who has direct access or a right of way access to Joe's Pond and whose dues are current.

SECTION II: Applicants who want to rent the pavilion building must complete Section II. If you want only to rent the grounds for parking or recreation, go to section III instead.

Facilities Needed - Kitchen:
- Bathroom:
- Tables/Chairs:

Use of a tent or other equipment will require written approval. Will a tent or other equipment be used? If yes, explain in box below:

Note: Pavilion Side Curtains and a Gas Grill (bring your own propane tank) are available. Parking is provided inside the fenced area for Pavilion Renters.

SECTION III: Applicants who want to rent only the grounds for parking or recreation. No facilities included. If you completed section II, you do not need to complete this section.

I want to rent the grounds for:

Clicking the submit button will send your information to JPA, but you must still print the completed application on the next page and send it to JPA with the correct amount.

Rental Costs

The rental cost will be determined as follows:
FacilitiesSmall GroupMedium GroupLarge Group
Pavilion and
Deposit$100.00 (100%)$150.00 (100%)$200.00 (67%)
Parking Only$10/hr. up to 30 cars
Grounds Rental$150 for tents and any size group up to 200; no pavilion facilities.

Note: A small group is 35 or fewer people
A medium group is 36 to 100 people
A large group is greater than 100 and less than 225

December 10, 2016
05:14 PM