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Hastings has Towels and Throws

Do You Need to Have Your Lights on for so Long?

Great Insulation Job

Gunshots @ 6:30 a.m.

iPhone Found at Joe's Pond

Piano For Sale

Fall Foliage Page Updated

8/26/2017 Minutes

Final Sunfish Sailing results (8/20/2017)
Single division:

The results for the 2017 season are below:


1 Billy Hamilton 29 points
2 Jack LaGue 28 points
3 Jay Chatot 24 points
4 Ray Rouleau 19 points
5 Fred Bertrand 15 points
6 Butch Bouchard 13 points
7 Jim Loutrel 8 points
8 (tie) Diane Rossi & Cathy Dodge 7 points
9 Diane Sherwood 6 points
10 Dottie Noyes 5 points


1 Lee Erdman & Charlie Roberts 29 points
2 Joe & Suzanne Cassani 27 points
3 Rob Stewart & John Hynes 9 points

--Susan Bouchard

Four Barrels Used to Support Swim Raft for Sale

"Print and Mail" Ice Out Tickets are Now Available

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Bourne's Energy Offers Special Pricing to JPA Members
5/27/2017 - Bourne's is pleased to present the following propane pricing program for members of the Joe's Pond Association. Pricing is valid until 6/15/2017. If you use fuel oil or pellets at your home, please contact Bourne's for rates.

Fixed Rate Prices:

Up to 500 gallons: $1.85/gallon
501 - 1499 gallons: $1.66/gallon
1500 gallons and up: $1.50/gallon
Customer owned tanks: $1.45/gallon.

Call for the rack pricing option

Also, call if you own another home in the Bourne's service area as prices can be extended to that home. Bourne's has offices in Morrisville, Lyndonville, Montpelier, Swanton, Waterbury and Waitsfield. 802-626-9859. Email

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A beautiful sunny day near Joe's Pond recently. Photo by Fred Brown.

This web site is privately owned and maintained for the convenience of Joe's Pond Association membership and the communities of Cabot, Danville, and Walden. The intent is to provide easy access to information about our immediate area and the region where we live. We try to present information to appeal to a variety of internet users such as potential renters or property seekers , historians, and vacationers. We also provide a space for local business people to showcase their products and services. Our Events Page includes not only the activities of the Joe's Pond Association, but also community activities. Not all the "local color" is in our autumn trees - you'll find a good deal of that in the "Local News Blog" where news items, photos and comments by local residents are posted on a daily basis, making it the most active page on the site. JPA is not responsible for appearance or content. Any questions should be directed here.

Iceout and Fireworks

Ice In at Joe's Pond, 1/5/2016. Photo by Diane Rossi

Before you leave the site, be sure to visit the Ice-Out Contest Page. The Joe's Pond Ice-Out Contest tickets are available from July until April, providing fun for thousands of people. Proceeds fund a huge free July Fireworks Display each year - an exciting event you won't want to miss. Check the Events Schedule for the exact date as it changes each year.

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